CPS Insights

Unlock the Power Within Your Data

CPS Insights is an advanced analytics tool that is integrated with your CompliancePro data. This tool is designed to help your organization's operations and reporting needs by visualizing data with interactive charts, tracking trends, uncovering hidden insights, and much more.

Built on Microsoft PowerBI, CPS Insights helps organizations transform their data into better decisions.

Transform Data Into Actionable Insights

As a new add-on module to the CompliancePro Privacy Program Management platform, CPS Insights is a vital analytics and visualization tool for operational reporting needs. CPS Insights helps organizations efficiently analyze data and identify trends for privacy program management, providing clear visualization of a wide variety of metrics and data elements.


Experience unparalleled benefits with CPS Insights, offering privacy and security departments more extensive analytics.
  • Focused on Security & Privacy Needs
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Built on Industry-leading Microsoft PowerBI Platform
  • Identify Trends to Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Streamline Workflows and Mitigate Risks with Data-driven Decisions
  • Uncover New Insights in Your Data
  • Benefit From Regular Enhancements and Updates

Features & Functionalities

Gain a competitive edge with more extensive analytics, an ever-expanding array of metrics and charts, and the flexibility to customize according to your organization’s unique needs. Some of the key features:

Comprehensive Dashboards

CPS Insights offers pre-defined dashboards for Privacy, Security, and Action Items, presenting essential metrics and charts for effective monitoring.

Dynamic Reporting

With our innovative dynamic reporting feature, witness your data come to life, adapting to changes in real-time.

Expanded Metrics

It includes all metrics from CompliancePro and we will continue adding new ones. New metrics cover cases by recipient type, PHI type, and Business Associate.

Drill-through Capabilities

Users can explore case details through drill-through capabilities without losing context. It seamlessly links to CompliancePro for deeper insights.

Unified Action Items Dashboard

The Action Items dashboard consolidates tasks from all CompliancePro applications and assigned users, providing a centralized view.

Ad-hoc Data Exploration

A flexible "Explore Your Data" decomposition tree allows users to drill into data elements and relationships in any desired order.

Natural Language Q&A

CPS Insights supports natural language and AI-driven Q&A capabilities for intuitive interaction with the data.

What our early users are saying

"CPS Insights revolutionizes my privacy leadership role with unparalleled analytics and customizable metrics, making decision-making a breeze!"
"As a CompliancePro user, CPS Insights has elevated my data game, providing a continuous stream of valuable metrics and charts to meet our ever-evolving needs."
"Customization is key for us, and CPS Insights delivers. It's not just a tool; it's our strategic partner in privacy operations, simplifying the complex and enhancing our Board updates.”

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