Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Proactive Cybersecurity Practices

Penetration Testing: Test Your Security Integrity Before Hackers Do 

Penetration testing—or pen testing—replicates a cyberattack on your organization’s computer system. The process helps to reveal weaknesses and test your security integrity. An organization can use results of a vulnerability scan to perform the pen test, gaining insights into how a hacker might exploit those discovered weaknesses. 

Cost of Pen Testing versus Cost of a Breach 

Some organizations may feel penetration testing is too time-consuming and costly. But when you consider that the average global cost for a data breach in 2022 was $4.3 million, the testing might be worth a place in the budget.

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Benefits of Penetration Testing 

  • Identify and triage risk factors 
  • Decrease errors 
  • Test cyber defense capabilities 
  • Strengthen business continuity 
  • Objective third-party review 
  • Fortify trust and reputation 

When Should You Perform a Pen Test? 

A thorough penetration test should be conducted annually or when you: 

  • Add a new network 
  • Install new software 
  • Relocate your office 
  • Set up a new end-user program 
  • Discover new threats  

A Variety of Tools for Panoramic Results 

We use a variety of software and a range of specialized tools to generate comprehensive, custom reports. The raw data—painstakingly reviewed by our team—is presented to your organization in an easy-to-understand format. 

You’re Not Alone 

We collaborate with you throughout the entire process. Together we review your reports and metrics, device strategy, and help plan to provide the customized, one-on-one service. 

Upgrade Your Security Today!

Security White Paper

Get Smart About Cybersecurity

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The latest state-of-the-art tools cannot conquer a careless or malicious employee who defies best practices or ethics. Nor can an organization stand strong if it fails to align its tools and protocols with current attack strategies.

This whitepaper will review ten critical strategies organizations can pursue to improve their
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