Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Proactive Cybersecurity Practices

Penetration Testing: Test Your Security Integrity Before Hackers Do 

Penetration testing—or pen testing—replicates a cyberattack on your organization’s computer system. The process helps to reveal weaknesses and test your security integrity. An organization can use results of a vulnerability scan to perform the pen test, gaining insights into how a hacker might exploit those discovered weaknesses. 

Cost of Pen Testing versus Cost of a Breach 

Some organizations may feel penetration testing is too time-consuming and costly. But when you consider that the average global cost for a data breach in 2022 was $4.3 million, the testing might be worth a place in the budget.

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Benefits of Penetration Testing 

  • Identify and triage risk factors 
  • Decrease errors 
  • Test cyber defense capabilities 
  • Strengthen business continuity 
  • Objective third-party review 
  • Fortify trust and reputation 

When Should You Perform a Pen Test? 

A thorough penetration test should be conducted annually or when you: 

  • Add a new network 
  • Install new software 
  • Relocate your office 
  • Set up a new end-user program 
  • Discover new threats  

A Variety of Tools for Panoramic Results 

We use a variety of software and a range of specialized tools to generate comprehensive, custom reports. The raw data—painstakingly reviewed by our team—is presented to your organization in an easy-to-understand format. 

You’re Not Alone 

We collaborate with you throughout the entire process. Together we review your reports and metrics, device strategy, and help plan to provide the customized, one-on-one service. 

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