The Key to Getting Control of your Department

Security and Privacy Automation

Using CompliancePro to document and manage your incidents and HIPAA requests yields numerous benefits, including:

  • A dashboard to instantly track the status of all active incidents and requests
  • Coordination among team members who work at remote locations or from home
  • Automation of repetitive tasks, such as generating standardized response letters
  • Process standardization via CompliancePro’s customizable workflow
  • Assistance with key regulatory steps, such as OCR breach analysis
  • A complete case history and audit log, should you ever be subject to an audit

Save Time and Reduce Risk

Analytics & Reporting

CompliancePro Analytics provides a number of key benefits:

  • Generate compliance reports and graphs for senior management in seconds instead of days or weeks
  • Assess whether your organization and specific facilities are improving over time
  • Analyze your past incidents to identify future areas of focus, such as certain facilities or types of incidents
  • Oversee staff workload and productivity

Identify Potential Issues Before OCR Does


CompliancePro Assessments makes it easy to:

  • Proactively evaluate your various facilities and departments to identify problem areas before they result in privacy or security incidents
  • Select one of our industry standard templates or customize your own
  • Track follow-up actions to ensure that your key problem areas get addressed

Stay on top of constant change

Policy & Procedure Library

Leverage the frequently updated CompliancePro Library to

  • Identify new industry regulations, announcements and industry best practices
  • Draw from a wide range of standardized forms and policy templates
  • Access industry experts via our free email consulting services
  • Create your own “Compliance Library,” containing your organization’s policies and procedures, document templates, and other compliance documentation.
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HIPAA Privacy and Security Training

Privacy and Security Training

We’ve partnered with the best to provide quality training for your security and privacy needs.

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