Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Proactive Cybersecurity Practices

Vulnearbility Scanning: Discover Your System’s Weaknesses Before Hackers Do 

Organizations that want to take a preventative approach to their cybersecurity can conduct regular vulnerability scans. These scans help reveal weaknesses lurking within your networks, software, and devices that cybercriminals may seek to exploit. 

Types of Vulnerability Scans 

There are three main categories of vulnerability scans: 

  1. Internal
    Internal scans reveal vulnerabilities within an organization’s internal networks: cloud, wireless, corporate, and network segments. 

  2. External
    External scans identify weaknesses throughout internet-facing elements: web, email, firewalls, apps, websites, and portals.

  3. Host
    Host scans target vulnerabilities in single or multiple hosts:  web servers, databases, workstations, etc.

High-Frequency Scanning for All Network Segments 

Many industry experts suggest conducting vulnerability scans at least once a year. At least. A lot can happen in a year. More frequent scans can keep your organization ahead of hackers and help prevent other disruptions that unknown flaws can trigger. 

However, some industries and frameworks mandate quarterly internal scanning or more frequent external scans.

Examples of Vulnerabilities Detected 

  • Configuration errors 
  • Software bugs 
  • Missing security patches 
  • Design flaws 
  • Out-of-date antivirus software 

Our Vulnerability Scanning Service Delivers: 

  • High-frequency vulnerability scanning capabilities 
  • Customizable scanning schedules 
  • Pre-built and customizable dashboards and reports  
  • Agent-based assessments 
  • Advanced reporting features 
  • Compliance framework audits 

Our Expertise for Your Security 

Our dedicated team holds Offensive Certified Professional (OSCP) and Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) certifications, so you know your security rests in the hands of qualified experts.  

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