Security Services

Security Services

Patients trust healthcare providers with their data. Secure their data and your organization with expert consultation services and an integrated security and privacy SaaS suite from CompliancePro Solutions.

In addition to our security offerings within the CPS software, we offer a number of helpful security services for an organization’s privacy, compliance, security, and IT teams.

The average cost of a data breach in 2022 reached $4.35 million, an increase of 12.7% since 2020. Work with CompliancePro Solutions to automate and fortify your security operations.

Security Service Areas

Security Risk Assessments

A security risk assessment (SRA) is a process to identify, assess, and mitigate any security, cyber or physical, risks within an organization

Vulnerability Scanning

Experts suggest conducting vulnerability scans at least once a year to keep ahead of hackers and help prevent other disruptions that unknown flaws can trigger. 


Penetration testing replicates a cyberattack on your organization’s computer system. The process helps to reveal weaknesses and test your security integrity.


Digital forensics focuses on investigating cyberattacks and recovering evidence for use in law enforcement and court.


Our IT experts will get you through an incident and back to business with minimal interruptions and personalized attention.

Virtual or
Fractional CISO

Our experts have of security experience and have years of experience working with all levels of the organization.


CPS offera a number of helpful security services for an organization’s privacy, compliance, security, and IT teams.

Security White Paper

Get Smart About Cybersecurity

10 Tips That Will Improve Your Security
Resilience On Any Budget

The latest state-of-the-art tools cannot conquer a careless or malicious employee who defies best practices or ethics. Nor can an organization stand strong if it fails to align its tools and protocols with current attack strategies.

This whitepaper will review ten critical strategies organizations can pursue to improve their
cybersecurity resilience, even on a small budget.

Smart About Cybersecurity white paper cover art