Seal of Excellence

Seal of Excellence

About the Seal of Excellence

What if your customers, patients, or business associates could immediately recognize confirmation of your excellence? 

The Seal of Excellence for third-party HIPAA verification can do that. 

We believe in promoting distinction, but because no federal or regulatory entities award formal HIPAA compliance certification, healthcare organizations can look to the Seal of Excellence to authenticate their exceptional HIPAA compliance standing. 

The Seal of Excellence covers all mandated HIPAA standards for a comprehensive compliance program. 

CPS seal of excellence

How to Acquire Your Seal of Excellence 

CompliancePro’s Seal of Excellence verifies that a healthcare organization has, in good faith, met all federal HIPAA requirements and possesses documentation to prove it. To apply, please contact CompliancePro Solutions at 

Steps to Certification 

  1. Questionnaire – Answer a series of questions and provide related documentation. 
  2. Review – We will review your answers based on seven categories of criteria. 
  3. Approval – If all criteria are met, we approve your submission. 
  4. Presentation – Your badge and certificate of achievement are issued.

You can display your badge on your website and email signature to provide clients, patients, and business associates with verification that your organization has attained a high level of HIPAA compliance competency. In an industry rife with shortcomings, proving your healthcare organization’s excellence sets you apart from the competition.

Want Visitors to Verify Your Compliance?